I have been fascinated with programming since the day my Dad brought home our first computer, a Commodore 64.  Those were the days when the computer came with a manual on how to code your own BASIC programs.

I first discovered web programming while reading an early issue of Linux Magazine.  It was there that I learned about PHP and installed Apache on the Red Hat box in my college dorm room.  I was obviously a nerd.  Back then, programming was just an interesting hobby.  Today it has turned into a rewarding career.  Over the years I have worked with many platforms and content management systems.  I even decided to write my own simple CMS a few years ago and used it for several client web sites.

bradsdeskThat was all before I discovered WordPress.  Once I began to realize the simplicity and flexibility of WordPress, I started building all of my sites using the platform.  As my knowledge of WordPress grew, I moved from creating my own themes, to coding custom shortcodes, and eventually developing simple plugins.  From there, I began using WordPress Multisite and Custom Post Types.  I’ve used and customized WooCommerce to power many E-Commerce sites.  Almost any application can be built using the power of WordPress!

family3With only a handful of exceptions, every site I’ve built in the last four years has run on WordPress. Check out the projects category to see a few examples of my recent work.

My family and I live in beautiful West Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan.  I work with an amazing team of talented developers at Partnercomm Inc. We build awesome sites using some of the latest web technologies. I also pastor Gospel Light Baptist Church, and we have five six children.  My wife is a super hero who manages to keep the household running while also serving as their main home-school teacher!