Diving Deeper into JavaScript


After attending WordCamp US this past December, I determined it was time to get serious about enhancing my understanding of JavaScript. Up to this point in my web development career I have had a love/hate relationship with the language that seems to be everywhere.

I started in the late 1990’s with PHP, and have since mastered many languages and technologies, but my JavaScript skills have always been enough to get the job done, but not much more. I can manipulate some DOM elements, or use Ajax to submit some data, but I’ve always felt I never had a real grasp of what was going on under the hood.

I know this is not ideal, and my work as a developer would be greatly enhanced by mastering the language I have always kept at arms length. So I am getting serious about learning JavaScript. I am working through Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know JavaScript series, and am also learning to work with the React and Angular 2 frameworks.

My main purpose in publishing this post is to record my commitment to learn JavaScript more deeply. I welcome any pointers or feedback you may have.



logoWP-Donors is a plugin that I am currently developing to meet the needs of non-profits and charities.  The idea for the plugin came to me while researching software for our small church. Our current church management software was outdated and would not run on newer operating systems.  Since the church website was running on WordPress and it’s Pastor (that would be me) is a WordPress developer, I thought, “Why buy expensive, bloated software when you can build it yourself?”

Since we were only using the current software to keep track of donations; I thought that was the right place to start.  After observing the way our ministry bookkeeper worked, I mapped out a plugin that would make his job easier.  It needed to make giving and deposit records more accessible to the right people while carefully maintaining the security of the donor information.

Any organization would be able to install the system on their existing WordPress site as a simple plugin.  The plugin is being developed using custom post types, custom taxonomies, and utilizes the WordPress user system.  Donors will be provided with a login that allows them to view their detailed giving record for any specified time period.  While starting with fairly basic functionality, I can foresee many useful features being added either as expanded functionality in this plugin or other complimentary plugins.